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KUPPER GLASS sp. z o. o. s. k. main business is production and installation of office glass windows. We are authorized partner of Glass System sp. z o.o. which is famed for highest quality products, approved by ITB – National Construction Institute. With our machine park at disposal, we can deliver any glass or aluminum processing within very short deadline. Our experienced team of advisors will help and guide Customer through each of the project stages.

Our offer contains of:


GSW OFFICE – single-glazed window system designed by Glass System sp. z o. o. is an original family of products for office partition walls. The system highlight is easy to install, versatile and light design. The system can use toughened glass as well as laminated glass and acoustic foil coverage. Its best use is office space required for quiet, focused work.


GSW OFFICE Plus – double-glazed window system, designed for top end acoustic attenuation. It can go down to impressive 56 dB. It is often used as the go-to system for any classified areas and conference rooms as well. The standard 35 mm profile height is compatible with the rest of GSW Office product line. This enables combining single-glazed and double-glazed systems in one complex design.


GSW OFFICE FR – single glazed windows EI15/EI30/EI60 – fire class compliant no-bolection anti-fire glass system. Designed to match the most up to date fire protection regulations and deliver great product design at time. The profile height of 35 mm guarantees the whole construction to be light and compatible with the rest of GSW Office product line. Walls built with different glass types can vary in fire class from EI 15 to EI 60. All GSW Office FR variants have also very good acoustic isolation. The necessity of fire-glass usage does not exclude its great acoustic parameters, which was confirmed during laboratory tests.

GSW Office FR system can be upgraded with additional laminated glass, mounted parallel to the main fire-glass. This improves acoustic parameters significantly with Rw reaching 52dB.


Etched glass – chemically treated causing tarnishing of the glass pane. It is characterized by a durable and uniform matt surface, which, unlike sandblasted gla

GSW Pro – frameless office glass windows – used in addition to the standard GSW OFFICE line. GSW Pro is designed to match highest safety standards, which is needed in facilities with high accident risk. The construction is versatile and easy to use. The grip installation keeps high, multi-glass construction to be solid and still, where windows are mounted only on two edges. The design looks very good on aesthetic level, due to no-vertical profiles needed, as well as rich profile color palette, suitable for any customer demand. GSW Pro line contains profile-less swinging door, dedicated for high-density usage and constructions reaching 4500mm of height.

ss, does not change its appearance when touched.


GS Railing – is a complex system of glass railing for indoor and outdoor use. Glass is the main material used in the construction, minimizing the usage of aluminum profiles and other grip elements. This is crucial for keeping the design clean, minimalistic and modern looking. All systems are compatible with various mounting accessories, depending on the project needs.


GSW OFFICE DOORS – The door solutions are part of GSW Office line. They are known for their modern and elegant design, while keeping great acoustic values. The line contains of multiple versions of doorframes, compatible with single and double-glazed window systems and partition walls. The doorframes are compatible with all types of doors in our offer, with glass, aluminum or wooden-made. The investor is free to choose from, for any space composition layout. The full range of doorframes and passage holes side-wings consist of:

  • Glass doors- side wing made of tempered glass, mounted to aluminum frame embebed in the wall. Its transparency is very high while acoustic parameters are still significant. Distinguished by its light visual form, where sheets of glass look like one surface.
  • Glass doors in aluminum frame – side wings intended for higher acoustic attenuation, where all-glass solutions are not enough. Can be upgraded with special laminated acoustic glass. Small side wing profile tiles with the doorframe surface, creating one sophisticated design.
  • Wooden doors – the wooden texture is the most classic and sought after type of door finishing. It can be adjusted to fit with the rest of the office space arrangement. The wooden doors are best fitted, where high acoustic parameters and privacy are needed.

Accessories – due to our customers demand, we designed our own door and window accessories product line, such as:

  • Touch-sensitive switches and finger tips scanners,
  • No-daisy wheel handles for aluminum doors,
  • Access control,
  • Double glass shutters integration systems
Nowoczesne witryny szklane

Oferujemy witryny, które charakteryzują się wysoką izolacyjnością akustyczną. W zależności od wymagań oferujemy witryny o akustyce Rw od 35dB do 56dB.

Kompleksowe realizacje

W przypadku kompleksowych realizacji jesteśmy w stanie zaproponować pełen wachlarz rozwiązań z wykorzystaniem takich systemów jak: balustrady samonośne GS Railing, witryny bezklasowe GSW Pro, witryny akustyczne GSW Office, witryny klasowe EI30/EI60 GSW Office FR.

Wykorzystanie najwyższej technologii

Dzięki współpracy z firmą SAINT GOBAIN, jesteśmy  w stanie zaproponować Państwu wysokiej jakości witryny z wykorzystaniem szkła o zmiennej przezierności PRIVA Lite.


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