GSW Pro 50

GSW Pro is a glass-wall system purposed mainly for the malls and other public service spaces. Designed to match highest safety standards, which is needed in facilities with high accident risk. The construction is versatile and easy to use. The grip installation keeps high, multi-glass construction to be solid and still, where windows are mounted only on two edges. The design looks very good on aesthetic level, due to no-vertical profiles needed, as well as rich profile color palette, suitable for any customer demand. GSW Pro line contains profile-less swinging door, dedicated for high-density usage spaces.

Classification: (ETAG 003)
Room Categories: (PN-EN 1991-1-1-2004)
A, B, C, D, E
A, B, C, D, E
ESG 10, 12;
Max height (mm)
3500 (ESG 10) / 4500 (ESG 12)
Max door dimensions (mm)
2400 x 2800 (ESG 10) / 2400 x 3200 (ESG 12)
Acoustic parameters
Material / Finishing
Aluminium anoda / Aluminium RAL / Stal nierdzewna szczotkowana
Product features:
two types of installation profiles –50 & 110 mm (110 designed for special protection, for example against floor cleaning machines)
still and stability guarantee – glass is mounted to the special clamps.
easy and comfortable wall installation – clamps can be moved along central base profile. Special spacers can be used to achieve different gap between elements – no need to use non genuine products.
CE classification, based on European Technical Evaluation published by National Construction Institute after some endurance tests.
outstanding aesthetic valor – screen cases made of aluminum and stainless steel, mounted to clamps by using click grip. They can be mounted after all work is done, without any risk of damaging the window elements.

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