GSW Office Plus FR

GSW Office FR system can be upgraded with additional laminated glass, mounted parallel to the main fire-glass. This improves acoustic parameters significantly.

Room Categories
A, B, C, D, E
Glass type
Contraflam Structure 30, Structure 30 Lite Pyrobel 16 VL, 25 VL / VSG 55.1, 66.2
Max height (mm)
3000 *
Acoustic parameters
Rw max 52 dB / RA1 max 49 dB
Material / Finishing
anodized aluminum / aluminum RAL

* above 2800 mm it is advised to use glass VSG 66.2

Product features
double-glazed system with profile height 35 mm – compatible with all GSW Office product line.
high acoustic isolation reaching - Rw up to 52 dB, for most demanding room treatment.
special elements and pads make installation process fast and easy, reducing the risk of damaging the glass.
CE classification, based on European Technical Evaluation published by National Construction Institute (ITB) after some endurance and acoustic tests.

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